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A Campaign for Gentlewoman Style

On April 11, 2017, at Rockbund, Shanghai, the classical and magnificent NIB Building was shrouded in modern light and shadow; MO&Co.Edition10 2017FW Fashion Night was held here. In the marble space of neoclassical style, supermodels from home and abroad were walking through the crowd at a calm and steady pace, simple, real and vigorous. The guests present, including fashion media, senior fashion designers, stylists and supermodels, were all touched by the effortless and chic “gentlewoman” charm. Following the original intention and determination, MO&Co.Edition10 once again interpreted GENTLEWOMAN in a simple and decent fashion language---launching a campaign for Gentlewoman style.

The Show FW17--- A Simple and Touching Fashion Show

The space is built with Marble and granite with few decorations. The white light projecting on the ground constitutes a “cold” romantic atmosphere, which is in line with the design of MO&Co.Edition10. In a melodious classic music first came supermodel Gwenola Guichard in a minimalist cross-collar white silk shirt and a pair of baggy wide-leg trousers, clearly and concisely outlining the impression of a contemporary “Gentlewoman”. Dressed in the fall and winter series of MO&Co.Edition10 2017, supermodels came on the stage one after another, proclaiming the beginning of a simple and touching fashion show. Calmly and confidently, they walked on the stage to the melody blending classics with modern beats, and the occasional appearance of male models dressed in Gentlewoman style broke the gender boundaries.

2017FW, MO&Co.Edition10 was inspired by the dressing style of the fashion icon David Bowie, and thus the gorgeous Glam Rock element of the 1970s was mixed with the classic Dandy style into a neutral romantic Neo Dandy Woman series. Chinese elements, such as the silk shirt dress with patterns like pine tree and plum blossom in an oriental courtyard, and the sweater with crane image, are often seen in the design of MO&Co.Edition10, representing the design philosophy of “merging east with west”, which integrates oriental charm into contemporary art. The wide-leg trousers so long that mops the floor, the men's blazer with shoulder pads, the puffy Victorian shirt, the worn-out sweater, the twinkling but not exaggerating decoration, every item throughout the show is a key piece, and every look presents a stylish Gentlewoman.

MO&Co.Edition10 presents a stylish and classic wardrobe --- “classic” does not mean conservative design but means that each item is timeless and effortless that makes a statement. Romantic and comfortable, the fashion show interpreted straightforwardly the style and attitude of Gentlewoman with an improvisational “performance art”, and made all the audience immersed in unexpected joy and elegant charm.

MO&Co.×Vice【Funky Wu-Kung】Fashion Concept Road Show, “72 Changes” in Style – don’t let it stop!

It is winter season in the year of the Monkey. With one trip atop the lucky cloud, the Monkey King took MO&Co. from Nanjing’s Deji Plaza to Beijing’s Sanlitun. With this move, we also see the [Funky Wu-Kung] Fashion Concept Show taking on its last stage in the Forbidden City. Along with VICE, the world’s leader in youth media and culture, MO&Co. invites four leading young artists to create four sets of artistic installations based on the concept of “taking over the heavenly palace”, one of the most famous scenes from the Monkey King fable. With imageries projecting all across this fantastic venue, fashionistas and the city’s in crowd all made their way to the show. From fashion guru Han Huohuo, It girl Chen Ran, supermodel Li Danli and her daughter, Dodo, stylists Zhang Jiayi, Chen Xingru and fashionistas such as Congya all graced the event and strutted their MO style under the Monkey King’s reign.

It takes a King to revere another, and this time, MO&Co. invited a group of Monkey Kings of the artistic industry in creating a unique image, a tattoo befitting the Monkey King. Four up and coming artists make use of hip, fashionable numeric and visual designs to offer a fashion show of “72 changes” to the audience. Installation artist Chen Tianzhuo, illustrator Mo Houqie, Audio and visual animation artist Toyoya Li Fan as well as digital animation artist FrankNitty3000 took elements of this famous scene and infused their own visions, turning the exhibition space into a kaleidoscopic wonderful. Graffiti and structured animation create a make-believe world for viewers to crisscross between the past and future. It is a space where one sees a harmonious clash and movement between the traditional, fantastic fables and surreal special effects.

With our childhood memories, let’s take a way down this fashionable lane along with our models at the show, and prepare yourself for a fashion show meant to upheave the heavenly palace! In the show we see the glorious Monkey King victoriously moving about his rainbow colored cloud. Elements of the fable are envisioned in the street fashion inspired sweaters, faux fur and knitted outerwear, cool military looks, oversized denim pieces and all kinds of mix and match in between. Mo&Co’s winter 2016 is all about being flippant on the runway like the mighty Monkey King.

As we bid adieu to the cold and snowy north, the Funky Wu-Kung fashion showroom, an arcade game on the streets, neon lights in the form of classic motifs from the Monkey King fable, monkey-shaped cookies, as well as VIP fashion shows from this event are all memories that we are sure our guests will cherish. From Nanjing to Shenzhen, from Guangzhou to Beijing, the mighty Monkey King wrapped up its tour. Wu-Kung now elegantly draws the curtain and leaves the stage as everyone’s fashion icon. What else are you waiting for then? Don’t miss out on such fun, unique and meaningful fashion items this winter season!

The Coolest Fashion Is Happening Now!

What is “cool”? “Cool” represents an initial intention of simplicity, constant perseverance, and ongoing passion, as well as confident and intuitive judgments. As a rather small brand of women’s wear 12 years ago, we began pursuing the dream of fashion at heart. Year in and year out, our dream continues to gradually become realized. Season after season, we have promoted our image at home and abroad, and eventually our MO Style has gradually become a “trend”. This trend represents a cool image in a unique style, demonstrating a candid disposition. Affected by our firm stance on fashion and our lifestyle approach, a real trendy MO model is created. People within this trend never blindly follow and worship random idols, but instead demonstrate their bold sense of fashion with sheer confidence.

“Cool” means dedication and persistence. On the twelfth anniversary of MO&Co., EPO announces its group-specific development, under which its business operations will expand to four major brands, namely, MO&Co., Edition10, Little MO&Co. (for children), and the cosmetics REC. As at the end of 2020, EPO expects to become an international fashion business group and operate a diverse brand portfolio with annual sales of over RMB 10 billion. Over the years, we have been respecting the voice of inner courage and confidence, while sticking to our forte. By reverting to commonsense and recalling our initial intention, we believe in our sole mission – to provide high-quality fashion products at competitive price-performance rates with our approach. By starting our initial intention of simplicity, we will eventually enact the multi-brand development model. We do not savor our previous success, nor do we prattle about a prosperous future. Instead, we focus on our current work, which is our prime opportunity to shine.

“Cool” is happening now. On July 21, we convene our annual gala [HAPPENING] at 751D-Park in Beijing. During this gala, EPO Fashion Group holds a press release on its strategy development, and Edition10 stages the 2017 Early Spring Fashion Show. In addition to the official launch of our high-profile REC cosmetics, MO&Co. and Little MO&Co. join hands to debut its children’s wear line. In the name of “being cool”, our MO fans are invited to join us at this annual fashion gala night, during which, [Happening] will be projected on a giant grungy red can, while the “red” ambiance will percolate through the entire arena. As a new cosmetics brand, REC will take the lead in presenting the completely cool Runway Studio. The audience will be introduced to the backstage scene, where supermodels and trendsetters will bustle about in preparation for the show. This will be an interactive experience in the REC Runway series. As the ambiance heats up, popular top supermodels, IT girls, trendsetter bloggers, and media at home and abroad will come in for the long-waited fashion show. As the Fashion Show unfolds under a red velvet curtain, models will keep progressing one after another on the giant and circular T fashion runway. By staging the 2017 Early Spring Fashion Show, Edition10 will present stunning designs that fuse styles of the East with the West. As dazzling lights flash amid changing shadows, the curtain will rise slowly. Suddenly, a moving playground will jump out, where 80 MO Cool “Kids”, as jointly sponsored by MO&Co. and Little MO&Co., will strut their stuff in an orderly fashion and transform themselves by gender, age, and skin tone. In this way, the first series of children’s wear under Little MO&Co. will be introduced. In the end, Ms. Leah Dou, as the vanguard for Cool Kids in this era and the singer and composer of the new age, will appear at the center of the spinning playground, singing the coolest song while accompanied by electronic rock and roll. As a result, the entire arena will roar with enthusiasm. “Cool” is here to stay, and it’s all [HAPPENING] now!

Edition10 2017 Early Spring Series with Its Design Inspired by the [Slow-Paced Oriental Lifestyle]

As the detector of fashion lifestyles, Edition10 always advocates trendy wardrobes and lifestyles, both of which follow the “Gentlewoman” concept that fuses East and West styles. Featuring a trendy style of simplicity and grandeur, Gentlewoman stresses the importance of material texture and cutting, while persistently aspiring to integrate the oriental culture with contemporary art. Inspired by such integration, this brand always incorporates oriental elements into the release of its series products by modern and contemporary techniques every season.

During this season, we will continue to explore the journey of inspiration by introducing the Resort 2017 Early Spring Collection. This collection integrates the oriental connotation with the philosophy of a “slow-paced” lifestyle. Models loosen up their bodies and dress down their faces, as if they indulge in the afternoon of Beijing in the old days. As a result, the fashion becomes “slow”. Natural materials along their fingertips, as well as booming flowers and dancing birds in black and light colors, provide an affinity with our skin. To salute the dressing philosophy of “Gentlewoman” as contemporary ladyship, Edition10 demonstrates the slow-paced oriental lifestyle full of natural comfort and confidence in the expression of fashion.

MO&Co. 2017 Spring Series with Its Design Inspired by the [Retro Gym Room]

“Boy-gal Style”, “Rock Chic”, and “Cool & Fun” are the DNA of our brand cores. Featuring rock chic, MO&Co. introduces a boy-gal style to women’s wear, reflecting a contemporary trend.

Go action! “Trendy” remains the keyword for MO&Co. during this season. The fashion of “cool girl” is also inseparable. As usual, MO&Co. expresses the youth, vitality, and passion for life. Turning to the playing field, the 2017 Spring Collection is inspired by details and colors of retro sportswear. Meanwhile, by applying proportional lines, blending materials and textures, and streamlining the silhouette, we continue the core DNA of the MO Style in revamping retro colors. From fashion to lifestyle, “cool & fun” is what MO Style is all about.

Little MO&Co. x Barbapapa’s First Limited Collection Child Bonding Series

Little MO&Co. is the first brand of MO&Co. for children’s wear. As a miniature version of MO&Co., Little MO&Co. carries on the legacy of MO&Co. by presenting a cool and fun boy-gal style. Our fabrics feature skin-friendly components by nature, but are designed in a simple and cool fashion. By incorporating ridiculous but innocent thoughts and elements stretching beyond the imagination, we create “just for COOL kids” wardrobe products. Little MO&Co. shares fun fashion with middle-class parents and their cool kids by catering to their needs for individuality and quality.

Playing is cool too. Little MO&Co. initially works with Barbapapa (a classic cartoon character) to launch the Limited Collection Child Bonding series for the 2016 MO-art program, including such brand new cool kids products as T-shirts, sweaters, motorcycle jackets, wind coats, hoodies, baseball jackets, and trimmed jeans. This collection is initially launched on July 21, 2016 in Beijing. In addition, online and offline sales are synchronized to realize the model of “I came, I saw, and I bought”. Proceeds from sales of this series will be donated to the Art Enlightenment Education Fund for Orphans and Poor Children under the MO-art program.

Our Professional Cosmetics Brand REC

Inspired by the backstage of the runway for international fashion week, REC features a real, easy, and cool individualistic style by introducing trendy but professional cosmetics, which transforms the backstage to the center stage of life. From research and development to raw materials and to manufacturing processes, REC screens and selects global first-tier vender partners for its entire product line, thus ensuring top quality professional products. Meanwhile, this brand maintains its relaxing, intriguing, and sterling style and character. With that, our 24/7 cosmetics are eventually born. Runways for life are everywhere, allowing young people of a new era to enjoy being confident anywhere at any time. The world is my Runway, just REC(ord)!

【Music to Future】MO&Co.'s space tour:1960 meets 2060

Fall and winter 2015: along with S.T.D., a pioneering group focused on promoting all aspects of culture related to music, MO&Co. turned Beijing's Chaoyang Joy City, Shanghai's Raffles City and Guangzhou's Pacific Plaza into the country's most happening scene of fashion and music. With DJ Bio gracing the party, all of the latest fashion bloggers, It Girls, models, cocktail parties and get-togethers dotted these sites from sunrise to sundown. It's all about live electronic music, rock and roll fashion shows and the It Girls in vogue. Why, hello 2060!


Working together with S.T.D., a famed music parties organizing crew, the [Hello 2060] Music to Future specially prepared for the occasion took on a whole new level on site. With sensors installed on site offering the funkiest interactive fun, ever-changing visual effects simulating outer space, guests were also able to feast their ears on a whole playlist of bespoke music crafted by China's top-notch producers for the party. The musical A-list includes Ceezy, ChaCha, Damacha, Howie Lee, all of whom gave guests a party full of inter-galactica themed electronic music. Play, listen, or max out your phone's memory with as much selfies and groupies as you want. With DJ Bio gracing the party, live electronic beats take us all back to that era of love and peace. Interacting with LED lights and cool moves, dancers in black opened the act with a scream-worthy opening dance. The New Horizon has just opened up; are you ready to embark on the path to infinity and beyond?

Hello 2060:Fashion Show

The MO Planet invites you to explore its grounds and embark on an galactic adventure with its retro moon-landing animation prints, reflective material, inflated large installations and space suits. Mo&Co.'s 2015 Winter Collection offers an up-close and personal experience to see the latest trends in fashion. Super cool silhouette sweaters, army coats and space cotton one-piece dresses… we've got a big bang right here on our runway! It's all about 1960 versus 2060, see you on the MO&Co. spaceship!

MO Girls Greets the Universe

Move your body to the rock and roll beat or a galactic wave of electronic music right here! While you're at it, don't forget to hang out with fashion guru Fil Xiaobai, It Girl Li Yuan, stylist Liu Xiao, supermodel Xue Dongqi and Dylan, along with It Girl Sayo Akasaka! The girls all graced MO's spaceship in the smoothly retro 2060 retro galactic series. Get rid of your heels and bring along MO's fall and winter closet; with these looks right in front of you, what's stopping you from getting in on the latest, coolest fall and winter trends and styles?

MO&Co. E-shop Officially Opens!

What an exciting February! Besides the arrival of the brand-new spring collection, MO&Co. has another surprise for us. After several months of planning and preparation, the first overseas MO&Co. Pop Up Store is finally coming to meet you at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris between February 9 and March 7. But wait, there’s more! During the Paris Fashion Week, the MO&Co. spring collection will be displayed at the “Hello Tomorrow” showcase. The dream of reaching out to the rest of the world is gradually coming true, and marks the starting point of a brand-new adventure for MO&Co. With the opening of our first overseas shop, MO&Co. the online global market is within our reach. On February 9, the official e-shop will open up to the global market, enabling customers from all over the world to buy the latest products of the season on our official website. In the future, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the fashion surprises brought to you by MO&Co. any way you like.

MO&Co. 10th Anniversary Tour kicked off

Combining fashion, art, music and film, MO&Co. ignites the sparks of love to embrace its 10th anniversary in 2014 through the 10th anniversary fashion campaign joined by 10 domestic and foreign new fashion icons and the fashion night graced by numerous super stars on July 18. MO&Co. kept the power of love alive and again celebrated its 10th Anniversary Tour of MO looks at Shenzhen Coastal City with a theme of “Love Together” on November 1. A surrealist static exhibition of red-crowned crane collection was on display at the atrium of Costal City. The black cool room and silver neon lights attracted a group of street snap fans. Moreover, the 2014 F/W Fashion Show gathered many MO looks and presented a hit fashion rhythm for all VIPs on scene.

[MO&Co. 10th Anniversary]Love Together 10th Anniversary Movie Show

Varied extras of [Love Together], the fashion movie for MO&Co.10th Anniversary, were released recently. Stars, fashionists, and MO friends admired and loved them so much. Here are related episode of this great movie!

【Love Together】Freja×Liu Wen

The ‘Rock chic’ has always existed in MO style, but it is not confined exclusively to the design or attitude. From the performances of Chinese supermodel Liu Wen and Prince F in [Love Together], we think of this ‘Rock’ element without a moment’s hesitation. And yet the ‘Rock’ element is not achieved merely by adding the colour ‘black’ or ‘leather jackets’ into the mix, and nor should it be, instead it is, like every other sense of style or element, something that is defined from within, something that comes from ‘Love’. Our iconic supermodel’s, Liu Wen and Prince F, have expressed their inner selves each time they are in front of the cameras, unafraid of letting the world see them for who they are, and that is why they have become top models, having produced some amazing photos where their expressions are genuine and full of vigour, because they are themselves. From supermodel to everyday life, each girl has the potential to release her own ‘Rock’ nature, simply by devoting a sense of passion and love we can all clearly prove one thing, ‘Love really rocks!’ The ‘Rock chic’ of MO style has clearly resonated in our minds, and will continue to do so for a long time.

【Love Together】Gao Yuanyuan×Huang Lu

The MO&Co. 10th Anniversary fashion movie, [Love Together], presents two girls and a stage, both a meteoric star in their own right, where one who is sending out shockwaves going from show biz to fashion, whilst the other, having recently received an award at the Cannes film festival, continues to make epic strides in the entertainment industry. Gao Yuanyuan meets Huang Lu. Both stars relish in the notion of just being themselves on the same stage, where awards are not the most important aspect for them. They utterly devote themselves 100 per cent in the field, going through a variety of hardships and challenges, and more importantly, overcoming each one with a strong sense of pride and fulfilment at the end. Their pure enthusiasm and passion is the key to their strong performance, and it’s exactly the same notion behind MO&Co.’s concept 「Decade of sewing a garment」. With the desire and dedication to making every single piece of garment a product of perfection. Regardless whether we’re on the fashion stage, or in front of the cameras, or even on our own individual stage, we can reveal our true nature, we can pursue the splendours in life, as we desire. MO&Co. believes it is this very spirit that is the most essential expression of fashion.

【Love Together】 Xander×Rico

Just how cool does the profession ‘Fashion Designer’ sound? Under the limelight, it’s the fanatical persistence in achieving one’s dream, and the pure love for design. Two new generation independent designers, Rico Au and Xander Zhou, are different in both style and personality, where one is quiet, whilst the other, active. They both share their passion and ‘crush’ in fashion design with MO&Co. in a fanatical and self-expressive way. ‘Crush’ in the sense of the fiery love instilled in fashion, whilst also uncompromising in the relentless pursuit of creating innovative and aesthetic designs. As a member of China’s new force in fashion design, MO&Co. and independent designers appreciate and respect each other in the process of creation, sharing mutual support and encouragement, this ‘crush’ sentiment is infused into every design. Our ideals and great love for fashion can then be realised, now and in the future.

【Love Together】Shang Wenjie×Duan Ni

Love breaks all boundaries, it is rich and colourful, and the same applies to creation and style. MO&Co. has been able to arouse great resonance of late, not because we are merely satisfied in pushing the boundaries, but because of our spirit in breaking all boundaries in fashion. Creative singer, Shang Wenjie, and modern dancer, Duan Ni get together for the first time because of their shared ideals and love for art, seeking to resonate the very same spirit as MO&Co. Humming, singing, crying, breathing, and, stretching, jumping, spinning, rolling and crawling, are two completely different expressions in art, put on the same stage. From sound to movement, and from gesture to rhythm, creations alternate and integrate with each other. They express their passion for art and creation in their own unique ways. Love is an expression, for every feeling shared and felt in the world. We recapture the power of love from artistic creation and fashion design. ‘Love Together’, and no boundaries shall exist.

【Love Together】Han Huohuo×Langley Fox

The sound made from typing on the keyboard is a common thing to us nowadays. There are millions of bloggers around the world, and they live in the same era as the rest of us. They are never alone, because there are thousands and thousands of eager followers acutely trailing their every post. Fashion maestro, Han Huohuo, is one such blogger but also a designer, and Langley Fox, great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, is another. One was born a fashion enthusiast, whilst the other has become a popular independent illustrator and model, even though keeping to a low profile and not using her illustrious surname. MO&Co. believes that the messages of ‘be yourself’ and ‘love sharing’ are equally important in today’s age of ‘blogs’. The pursuit of findings one’s true love, and the pleasure of being one’s own self are also the real essence of leading a cool, fun, and blissful life. The transfer of this cool and fun attitude to life has influenced the fashion attitude through design language, making it one of the most interesting aspects of the MO style. Transpiring into a fashionable new sense of style that is both cool and fun

[Love Together]MO&Co. 10th Anniversary Fashion Night 2014

Love is rock, love is crash, love is endless, and love is sharing… Love is also diverse and colourful. The immense power of love brings us all closer together, making everything else that little bit sweeter in whatever we are doing. MO&Co. celebrated its tenth year in 2014, and yet our passion and persistence in fashion remains the same as the first day of inception. At this special moment, we walked hand in hand with 10 domestic and foreign new fashion and art icons to create a fashion campaign and movie. The theme is [Love Together]. The 10 icons include top models Freja Beha and Liu Wen, famous actresses Gao Yuanyuan and Huang Lu, creative singer Shang Wenjie, modern dancer Duan Ni, independent fashion designer Xander Zhou and Rico Au, fashion bloggers Han Huohuo and Langley Fox, and lastly, a prominent fashion photography team. They express their own ‘love’, in pairs, on camera to share with us their deep understanding of 「Love Style Fun」, whilst also presenting the limited Red-crowned crane collection delivered by MO&Co. and Lane Crawford to mark the 10th Anniversary. The 10 fashion and art pioneers come from a number of industries, and although also coming from a diverse range of backgrounds, they all fight for their dreams, regardless of stature in their own respective fields. [Love Together] means encounter and crash in the same space-time, and then look for resonance of each other over different bounds. This is a pretty cool spirit.

Love is passion, persistence and sacrifice, it is boundless and without limit, just like creation and style. As a relatively new local brand, we strive to inject love to our design. Since 2010, MO&Co. has launched a special limited MO-art collection every year, created by various artists. This year, MO&Co. in cooperation with Lane Crawford for the first time, look to release a 10-piece collection of MO Style design as a tribute marking the 10th Anniversary of the MO&Co. brand. The collection includes baseball jacket, one piece, jumper, long cardigan, and hoodie. This collection was inspired by the pattern of the Red-crowned crane, and by using abstracted and digital techniques it has been re-created. By integrating the figure “10”, a delicate and sharp modern style was delivered. The Red-crowned crane is a characteristic element of China, associated with luck and happiness. MO&Co. wishes to integrate Chinese elements into its design, in presenting a new expression that resonates from Chinese fashion. Besides being a limited collection in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of MO&Co. it is also linked to the MO-art Program 2014, where sales income will be invested to support MO-art supportive art education and summer camp for orphaned, poor and disadvantaged children. ‘10’ stands for ten years, bringing with it the message of unconditional love. We expect to go further and make greater strides with the power of fashion.

The MO&CO. 10th Anniversary fashion show, 【Love 10 years·MO&Co. 2014 Fashion Night】took place on July 18th, at the Guangzhou Opera House. Nearly one thousand celebrities dressed fashionably, each one distinctive and stylish, attended the show. The old and confined mode of fashion show was abandoned. 【Love 10 years·MO&Co. 2014 Fashion Night】introduced an ingenious blend of dynamism and static elegantly. The consistent modern chic was presented by MO&Co. 10th Anniversary Red-crowned crane collection. The full edition of the 10th Anniversary fashion movie [Love Together] was premiered during the course of the evening. The fashion show exhibited the Edition 10 2014 A/W collection, a beautiful clash between artistic inspiration and contemporary classics. This show gathered the essence of the past decade for MO&Co. Attracting the coverage of over 40 media outlets, and drawing in notable celebrities including Maggie Cheung, Gao Yuanyuan, Shang Wenjie, Liu Wen, Xi Mengyao and numerous other guests hailing from the fashion field. VIPs all put on their favourite MO&Co. attire and graced the front rows, adding to the spice of the show. The dark electronic music notes echoed vigorously, resonating within the vast ethereal space of the opera house, filling the void with a thrilling sense of joy and warmth. Xi Mengyao, You Tianyi, Li Danni, and a total of 38 top models lined up on the catwalk, perfectly displaying the round shoulder coat with marble texture, silhouette top with eccentric printings, and other abstracted pieces. The amazing array of 43 pieces of costume, a fusion between classical and modern styles, made sure the show ended in spectacular fashion for the Edition 10 2014 A/W Fashion Show. The show was highly praised and won much acclaim from guests. One of our most important star guests, Maggie Cheung, showed up as the DJ for the After Party. Her first DJ show raised the temperature, electrifying the atmosphere. All guests indulged in the fashion and music, and spurred on by the ecstatic rhythm. We hope that all friends who have shown their support and love to MO&Co. can relish with us together the achievement of yet another fantastic and eventful year, and that you can recollect on the fun we shared together during the MO&Co. 10th Anniversary fashion party. Remember, Love prevails in fashion, let’s look forward to the next ten years. Love Together.

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