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【New Opening】Edition 10 is officially opened at Chengdu IFS!

This modern but simple outfitting pattern, which is comprised of marble with classical texture, modern artificial stones, Northern European felt, and pure icy rugs, reveals the subtlety of varied materials. The artistic decors of antique furniture further augment the designs with classical connotations and contemporary art. As a landmark attracting international top-notch brands and accessible luxury brands, Chengdu IFS is destined to meet Edition 10. During this particular winter in 2016, our Edition 10 store at Chengdu IFS will introduce a brand new shopping sojourn for the unique gentlewoman seeking her own taste in town.

Address:Edition 10 Counter, 4/F, 1 Pedestrian Street Section III, Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

【New Opening】 Edition 10 is officially opened at Chengxi Intime City, Hangzhou!

During this particular winter in 2016, Edition 10 fuses love with beauty in its design. With a sense of affinity, our natural fabrics borrow Western pragmatism for Zen connotations. During the era of industrial mechanization, pure traditional workmanship continues its ancient legacy. Our pure initial intention and rich affection will compose a beautiful poem for everlasting fashion. With a brand new collection at Chengxi Intime City, Hangzhou, Edition 10 will bring the gentlewoman in town closer to wardrobes that feature oriental influence over Western style.

Address: Edition 10 Counter, 1/F, 380 Fengtan Road, Pingshui Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

【New Store】News | First Edition 10 Overseas Franchise Store Lands at Galeries Lafayette Paris

As one of the landmarks of the Right Bank, the Paris flagship store Galeries Lafayette, a century old high-end department store chain, is known for its long history and allure. A convergence of Parisian high fashion and creative culture, it houses many of the world’s top global brands and attracts elite society from all corners of the globe. Located at no. 40 Boulevard Haussmann, its architectural splendor rivals that of the Opéra de Paris. Shopping here is an incredible experience, as if a part of a moveable feast …

Following in the steps of MO&Co., which held a glorious grand opening ceremony in March for the christening of its first overseas store located on the second-floor of Galeries Lafeyette, Edition 10, an upscale ladies fashion brand, has also landed at this Parisian shopping Mecca. In Europe, Edition 10 will continue to uphold its design philosophy of high quality and unique style, providing elite women with practical and fashionable wardrobes incorporating elements of the Orient.

I am Edition 10

The Coco Channel quote “Fashion passes; style remains” was once sensational in the fashion industry. On a similar note, Edition 10 exists as a brand of upscale ladies fashion which aims to design comfortable wardrobes for contemporary women featuring “style that remains”. In this way, Edition 10 will always have a foothold in the ever-changing world of fashion and will be able to continue to maintain its identity through its attitude. As fashion rules our lives, Edition 10 relentlessly pursues the philosophy of “Less is more.” It designs simple but elegant clothes using the most natural materials, leading-edge processes, and the best tailoring techniques, providing you with an experience of pure comfort. Though comfort and fashion are said to contradict one another, Edition 10 has solved this dilemma. “Creating quality wardrobes with a rich sense of design that are never outdated” runs deeps in its DNA. Its philosophy is shared by contemporary elite women who know how to be well dressed and appreciate fashion. Playing different roles on various occasions, they stay true to themselves and have their own ideas about fashion taste and lifestyle.

Since the start, Edition 10 has held true to this philosophy and its six years of efforts have paid off. Its design philosophy and products have received recognition from high-end retailers the world over. Along with its sister brand MO&Co., Edition 10 has been gaining popularity among the many “light luxury” brands.

Hybrid: East in West

This season, Edition 10 has rendered the ultimate fusion of Eastern aesthetics and Western design, combining modernism, Imperial red, geometric twills, and the architectural contours of the Far East. The 19th century saw the art of the Orient make its way across the oceans to Europe, arousing a passion for the sensuality and artistic implications of the Far East. In the roaring 1920s, the European upper class fell in love with the mysteries of the Orient. The Eastern traditions of tea culture and ikebana (flower arranging) were introduced in Europe and this representation of a free, tranquil lifestyle attracted the people in an industrial age. The Edition 10 Autumn/Winter Collection, a hybrid of East and West, has landed in Paris, the birthplace of contemporary ladies fashion, bringing with it a set of Zen patterns inspired by Oriental culture. This collection embraces the Yuppie spirit by using natural silks and wools to express an art language that is both delicate and concise, and alters time and space to deliver a poetic greeting from the Orient to Paris this early autumn.

With veined marble and synthetic stone combined with solid wood, the décor of the space gives a sense of contemporary art with an implication of conflict. In this clean and pure space, neoclassicism and avant-garde style subtly clash, presenting an artistic sense of light luxury.

The Edition 10 Autumn/Winter Collection available at the Galeries Lafayette Paris is filled with implicit Oriental elements. Featuring long architectural-style lines and perfectly proportional contours, the collection gives full play to both soft and hard textures. Elegant, loose capes are retro and cozy, representing a hybrid of Eastern and Western tastes presented in a simple and concise manner. With hues of gray imparting an air of elegance and culture in the poetic Parisian autumn, you feel as if you may chance to meet Marguerite Duras, strolling the avenues in her day.

Arriving in France from across the vast oceans, the unique contemporary design of Edition 10 continues to inspire the West with wild imaginings of the East …

Edition 10 Store the Galeries Lafayette Paris France

Address: 3F, Galeries Lafayette, 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

【New Store】The MO&Co. Store at Jinyuanbao Binhai International Shopping Center in Tianjin

Jinyuanbao Binhai International Shopping Center is the Binhai New Area’s top boutique shopping center, located in the most mature Huanghai Road Shopping District in the area. Adhering to the concept of “a life of quality”, the shopping center provides customers with the trendiest shopping experience, such as customization services, product consultation, upscale clothing care, and topnotch gift packaging. MO&Co.’s sixth-generation store has officially landed on the center’s second floor, bring an air of high fashion to the mall with its dynamic autumn collections.

The MO Fantasy Circus never rests! From animal patterns to fun circus graffiti and denim-mix street elements, all those “cool girl” essentials are incorporated with dynamic slogans to emphasize an attitude that values having fun the most. Minimal wood furniture and exquisite rugs create an unexpected visual effect while the bold lines of postmodern industrial décor pair harmoniously with classic veined marble.

Address: 2207, 2nd Floor, Jinyuanbao Street, No. 19 Huanghai Road, Second Avenue, Binhai New Area Development Zone, Tianjin

Tel: 022-25635590

【New Store】MO&Co. Store at Tianmei Plaza in Taiyuan

Located in the central spot of Changfeng Street-the main street in southern Taiyuan of Shanxi, Tianmei Plaza has three sides face the streets. Surrounded by international five-star hotels and upscale housing projects in a cultural district planned by the local government, this topnotch boutique shopping center integrates international premium brands, lifestyle concept stores, outdoor sports stores and famous gourmet restaurants. Once you finish your shopping tour, you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon in one of the cafés or go for a relaxing spa – a care-free one-stop shopping experience is available from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

In the middle of August, MO&Co. launched a new store at Tianmei plaza, bringing here its avant-garde and contemporary artistic décor, finished with energetic warm colors, from romantic pink to Burgandy red. In this store, MO fans can easily find something shared by other MO&Co. stores: the comfortable texture of blue denim. The Circus series has officially arrived at the store, joining the existing sporty elements of MO&Co. Now, you, MO fans, can come in and walk away with your favorite items!

Address: 4F, Tianmei Plaza Shopping Center Co., Ltd., No. 113 Changfeng Street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City

【New Store】Edition 10 at Dalian Parkland Mall

Having a century-old background, Dalian Parkland is now a redesigned shopping landmark, thanks to the planning and design by EKO Architecture Practice from the U.S. and VIGERA consultation service from the U.K. As the first major leisure shopping mall in Dalian, it offers a new concept of lifestyle experience and recreation services to the city, besides the conventional shopping and catering service. At the invitation of this leading shopping mall, Edition 10, an upscale ladies fashion brand, had a grand opening here recently. With a design style featuring contemporary art, the Edition 10 brand is the No. 1 choice among the lifestyle concept stores.

Versatile artists, designers and architects… Edition 10 has always been keen to help the elite women of the city perfect their wardrobes, by taking inspiration from oil paintings, films, music, and drama, then incorporating contemporary design philosophy with oriental culture. In the autumn of 2015, Edition 10 introduced to Dalian Parkland its designs that are inspired by mysterious oriental elements and the architectural characteristics of the 1920s Europe, giving rise to a strong retro atmosphere around the mall.

Address: Edition 10, Store 322, 3F, Dalian Parkland, No. 19 Jiefang Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian, Liaoning Province

Tel: 0411-62284828

【New Store】| Edition 10 Grand Opening of First Independent Store at Deji Plaza

Edition 10, an upscale ladies fashion brand, has made its initial landing in Nanjing at Deji Plaza, the city’s latest fashion landmark. Once served as the capital of six ancient dynasties, Nanjing is now a modern metropolis with ancient charm, despite its turbulent past. At Deji Plaza, a landmark of art and fashion in Nanjing, efforts are made to ensure the availability of high-quality goods, but also the accessibly of art and culture. Events such as high-end painting exhibitions, concerts, and sculpture exhibitions are often held in the plaza. Also keen on protecting the environment, Deji Plaza has hosted a series of creative campaigns, so as to raise the awareness of environmental protection and the well-being of the humanities.

To celebrate its Nanjing debut, Edition 10 held a spectacular opening ceremony-a static exhibition set up in the central area of the plaza, where fresh flowers were arranged in a most artistic way and delicious dim sums as well as champagne were offered to its faithful fans. Meanwhile, the store even put together a simple but pleasurable fashion show at its entrance, featuring the latest items from Edition 10’s 2015 A/W Collection.

▶ From minimal lines, designs inspired from oriental culture, to surreal shiny items, the Edition 10 2015 A/W Collections has spared no effort to incorporate the essence of eastern and western aesthetics.

Located on the third floor of Deji plaza, the Nanjing Edition 10 store is displaying a fresh new look: ocean blue carpeting and snow-white walls create a bright spatial effect; classic veined marble teams well with simple wooden furniture; lively green plants give life to the once dull space. In all, the whole store looks minimal, spacious and cozy.

Like those ancient Chinese literatus who longed for a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, Edition 10 has always endeavored to distance itself from superficial and chaotic influences. It’s dedicated to enriching its fashion design with culture and art, thus creating premium contemporary fashion.

Minimal but not simple – this is Edition 10’s attitude towards life. It truly believes a delicate design language can be found in simplicity. Only by making this happen can a brand become the representation of wisdom and taste. With its brand landing in Nanjing, Edition 10 hopes to bring a simple but exquisite lifestyle to the city’s elite women with exceptionally good taste, thereby opening a new chapter in Nanjing’s fashion community.

Store: Edition 10 Independent Store, Block Two of Deji Plaza, Nanjing, East China

Address: 338 3F Deji Plaza, No. 18 Zhongshan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing

【New Store】 MO&Co. new store opens in Hangzhou Tower

Hangzhou Tower Shopping mall, one complex comprised of 4 blocks and interconnected by pedestrian overpasses and corridors, is one of the top upscale department stores in Hangzhou. It is also the first shopping trip destination in Hangzhou, due to the luxury brands from all around the world it has attracted and the superior shopping environment it provides. Among the 4 blocks of Hangzhou Tower, Block C is increasingly becoming an innovative and luxurious lifestyle center. Recently, Block C has witnessed the grand opening of a brand new MO&Co. store.

MO&Co. has always been keen on mixing pop culture and diverse fashion designs. ‘Like a Boy’ is not only its inclination of ‘cool fun’ lifestyle, but also its design motto. In its 2015 Fall collections, MO&Co. boldly chose to embrace retro androgynous style, showcased by blooming roses, stylish cargo denim pieces, lightweight chic overcoats. The fusion of these different elements effortlessly brings out the essence of enchanting autumn to Hangzhou Tower.

Address: MO&Co. store, 3rd Floor, Block C, Hangzhou Tower, 21 Wulin Square, Hangzhou

【Pop Up! Store】 Next Stop for MO Style: Selfridges Birmingham

The first MO&Co. Pop Up Store in UK opened for business in London’s Selfridges department store on the past July 13. One week later, MO&Co.’s second Pop Up Store in UK landed at Selfridges Birmingham on July 20. One of the city’s most notable landmarks, Selfridges Birmingham is housed in the Bullring shopping centre and has a super-cool appearance. The façade of Bullring is covered in 15,000 aluminum discs, a futuristic design that reminds spectators of cool Sci-Fi works. Please follow the footsteps of MO&Co. and visit this stylish shopping centre …

The Bullring, designed by Future Systems, is one of the most influential architectural works in the U.K. Frequently appearing in architectural publications, this shopping centre is actually a successful case of Birmingham’s revival plan. Inspired by the disc-shaped ornamentations of Paco Rabanne, it has a Sci-Fi style appearance. Its multilevel design, as well as the glass passage to the small but exquisite “space capsule”, would doubtlessly leave every spectator overwhelmed by its surreal beauty. Operating in this futuristic Selfridges branch, the MO&Co. Pop Up Store has brought with it some unexpected elements: the circus, the retro style of the 1970s, and dynamic street graffiti, which are all present in this arched space and showcasing the fun cool characteristics of early autumn collection.

Life is a circus! As art is everywhere in UK, MO&Co. has spared no effort in bringing its entire fashion circus to UK, by displaying its Pop Up Store in a humorous and playful way, as per the theme of ‘My Fashion Circus’. The clown, jumping monkey, elephant, poker queen …these popular childhood elements are all you need to remain stylish in the autumn. There are also backpacks with acrylic adornments, marble-textured sneakers, and clutches decorated with badge or graffiti. Everything is fun here! Come experience MO style in the United Kingdom of Rock &

The second half of 2015 has witnessed a wave of MO&Co. store openings in and out of China. Meanwhile, Edition10, our high-end women’s fashion label, is also planning to make landings at the world’s top-notch department stores in such major cities as Bangkok and Berlin. Let’s celebrate the unstoppable MO style wave together!

Address: The Bullring, Upper Mall East, Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham B5 4BP UK 

Tel: +44 800 123400

Business hours: 10:00–21:00

【Hello London】MO&Co.x Selfridges: The ‘Strengh’ of Contrast –Window Display

Shall we have a rendez-vous at Oxford Street London? The reason to meet here is our ‘Strength’ concept window display showcased at Selfridges London. Through this window, which depicts the encounter of West and East, as well as the contrast between black and white, MO&Co. is conveying this message to the Western world: Fashion is by no means a world of absolutes; it is interesting and cool because it allows the existence of contrasts and contradictions …

Oxford Street is London’s No. 1 shopping destination. This street, less than two kilometers long, is home to more than 300 huge shopping malls. Among them, Selfridges, where a large number of top-notch brands could be found, is one of the most well-known. As ‘Strength’ being the display concept of this season, MO&Co. used black and white stripes as the primary element in designing its Selfridges’ main street window display, highlighting the strengths of ‘clashing’ and ‘contrasting’. Black and white are the signature colours in MO&Co.’s design palette. Aided by simple and clean designs, they succeed in bringing together the strength of sharp contrast and Britain’s avant-garde style.

Less is more! Art, simplicity, lines, focus, control, and the feeling of strength … are all embodied in the overwhelming black & white. It seems that the sleek black & white stripes and gear patterns are on one hand communicating the spirit of simplicity and strength, echoing and rendering the rebellious British culture on the other. Come and have a look at this Chinese brand’s interpretation of “Strength” outside Selfridges London!

【Pop-up Store】 The unstoppable MO Style is Sweeping all over the World!

For MO&Co., July is a month to celebrate, for art, for gratitude, and for marvelous trips abroad! We are proud to announce that we have brought our cool fun MO style to London, one of the Rock & Roll capitals of the world and most popular fashion destinations. Our first Pop Up Store in UK, situated in Selfridges of London’s upscale Oxford Street, has officially opened on 13 July. Almost simultaneously, another Pop Up Store of ours has been launched in Selfridges Birmingham. For now, let’t be the first to tour  MO&Co.’O&Cohe first to to the culturally diversified London!

This autumn, MO&Co.’s androgynous style has an inspiring encounter with the classic style of London. Thus, a futuristic metropolitan atmosphere is brought to life in Selfridges through dynamic black & white stripes and pink neon lights, adorning the city with hues of deep blue and pale pink. With the Slogan×Stripe combination, you can join MO&Co. in telling the world your fashion statement and discovering London’s rebellious street culture under its classic disguise. Play cool!

In the cool morning air, MO&Co.’s roses are in full blossom. Waving under the gentle sun, these roses proudly declare their admiration for the misty autumn. Aside from the charming rose prints, one cannot help but become fully enchanted with the incredibly lightweight white pieces and the extremely soft comfort brought by knitwear as well as scuba fabric. Additionally, be prepared for rainy days, typical in UK, with lightweight and transparent raincoats, which would ensure you of a good mood. Immerse yourself in the gentle cool air of autumn with MO&Co., with your white shoes and khaki jacket.

Having launched a second Pop Up Store in Selfridges Birmingham, MO&Co. is also planning to widen its global presence by opening more stores in upscale department stores of Bangkok, Berlin, and some other major world cities. Let us celebrate the unstoppable tide of fashion all around the world!

Address: 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB UK

MO&Co.’s Sixth-Generation Store Finds Its Way into NOVO of MixC Nanning

As the fifth largest MixC shopping mall, MixC Nanning is the largest and most influential shopping center in Guangxi Province. It offers most fashionable shopping experience with high-end restaurants and entry-level luxury brands from all around the world. 
After upgrading its store image to the sixth generation, MO&Co. has now established a brand-new presence in NOVO of MixC Nanning, enlightening this mall with MO&Co.’s dynamic and stylish autumn collections. 

Playful graffiti and street art are still all the rage! MO&Co.’s ‘cool & fun ‘fashion attitude is being highlighted by outfits in various prints, from pop slogans, artistically arranged flowers, to digits. This amazing combination is gradually making its way into this lively early autumn, when the roses are in full blossom. Besides the clothes, the minimalistic postmodern style interior, the wooden floor and the playful cow print rug, all help bring out the best of MO style.

Address: MO&Co., NOVO Area, 2nd Floor, MixC Nanning, 10 Qingxiu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi Province.

【New Store】Edition 10 brings its new boutique to Shanghai Kerry Centre!

Kerry Center, located in one of the upstart business circles of Shanghai, has become the most hit destination in Jing’an District, by assembling different types of service and consumer venues, such as shopping mall, entry level luxury brands, fancy restaurants, super market and office buildings.Edition 10 has unveiled its brand new store in Kerry Center recently. With its modern and simplistic image, Edition 10 effortlessly sparkles among a series of international luxury brands, redefining entry luxury fashion.

Space: zero pressure

The cosmopolitan life in Shanghai is indeed tempting, but we need to break away from this concrete forest sometimes, so that we could keep on living in a LOHAS way. Let’s enjoy some leisure moment in this “zero pressure” space.

In this ever-bright city, concept houses have been opened one after one, thanks to independent designers who place delicate lifestyle as the top priority of Shanghai business hubs. Edition10’s “zero pressure” space is no exception. This large space is designed with the minimalist mindset, but it is fully equipped. In this sense, it is more attractive than some pompous counterparts. It can serve as a relaxing getaway for weekends and holidays. 

Edition 10: The art of fashion, the model of entry level luxury

By embracing art and fashion skillfully, Edition 10 aims to bring out the simple, romantic and artistic temperament of modern women. It involves fashion, but it also spreads artistic conception. It is about clothes matching, but it’s also about life attitude.

In the summer of 2015, Edition 10 sets out for its artistic pursuit again. Drawing inspiration from flower fields in the wild and fairy oil paintings, Edition 10 derives a variety of new designs, adding poetic sense to its new lines. No wonder its new store quickly could be the new spot light of Jing’an Kerry Center.

The store design has adopted a concept that merges neo classism and contemporary design elements. Such a novel design is exemplified by numerous decorations in store, such as classic marble floors, simplistic wooden furniture, clean-cut geometric accessory cabinets. Although there are bare concrete walls in the background, with its simplistic decorations and futuristic neon lights, as well as huge green plants, this space is no doubt an interesting collision of classic and avant-garde, realistic and artistic. What it presents to its customers is a unique style that is novel, delicate, but also artistic. The accurate interpretation of “the art of fashion” can’t be achieved by merely placing a few famous items in store. Instead, it should be able to create and spread its unique artistic concept. That’s what an extraordinary entry level luxury brand should pursue. 

Come here, immerse yourself in the crush on flowers, the fantasy for the sea, let the simplistic art invade every corner of your life. Put down your iPhone, sip a cup of high-quality coffee, while read some books and experience art around you. In short, enjoy your life…


Address: Edition 10, NB-14, B1 F, Kerry Center, No. 1515, Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai 

Tel: 021-62309058

【New Store】MO&Co.’s brand new Pop Up Store arrives at LE BHV MARAIS!

Following last February’s opening of its first pop up store in Paris, MO&Co. strengthens its presence in overseas market by opening another one in MARAIS, Paris. On May 11, by cooperating with Galeries Lafayette again, MO&Co. launched a new pop up store in LE BHV MARAIS. This new store is stationed in the corner store and is set to last 3 months.

From window display to the clothes in the store, MO&Co. celebrates the new store opening with a brand new image. Entering this new store, customers would not fail to be amazed by its futuristic and oriental metropolis image empowered by pink neon lights in store. At the same time, they won’t ignore its summertime beach party theme either. This is a really exhilarating chance for fashion fans in Paris to embrace the youthful and funny spirit of this Chinese women brand.

In a word, MO&Co.’s overseas development plans are being effectively and steadily carried out, as if it were taking a "Fast and Furious" kind of challenge.

The rendez-vous of MO&Co. and Paris in this summer, is a fusion of sport elements and the casual aspect of American fashion design aesthetics. With its black-and-white striped surfboard, swim ring and a simple setting of swimming pool, together with the decoration of fresh colours, such as mint green and rose green, MO&Co.’s brought the Californian beach culture to its pop up store in Galeries Lafayette of LE BHV MARAIS. Its emphasis in vibrant design, classic black & white expression, as well as montage prints and layered organza all amplifies its yearning for the sea. On top of that, the passion for Coachella Music Festival has also been involved in these youthful and funny designs, such as neon patterns, flashy sequins, embroidered cartoon and slogan elements.

This summer, wherever you are, be it Shanghai, Beijing or Paris, you could enjoy a cool summer break with MO&Co., no matter how burning the sun is!

For the second half of this year, MO&Co. is set to arrive at quite a few other upmarket department stores in Paris, London, etc. At the same time, to open its first franchised store in Paris is also on its schedule. Its presence in the overseas fashion market is quickly strengthened, so stay tuned please.


MO&Co. X Fashion Party in Paris Galeries Lafayette, PK with Top it girl

On March 6 at 6 PM, the center of the 2nd floor of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris was filled with pink neon and electronic music, lending it an atmosphere that was both cool and fun. After all, the Chinese womenwear brand MO&Co. was holding its Pop up store fashion party there. As the only fashion party held during the Paris fashion week, MO&Co not only wanted to celebrate the successful ending of their Pop up store at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, but also the impending opening of MO&Co.'s exclusive shop on the same floor on March 9. That night, all fashion people in Paris gathered at the unprecedentedly grand party. Close to 20 popular top it girls and 80 fashion media and editors from all over the world showed at the party and competed for coolest MO model. STYLE.COM, WWD, THE BUSINESS OF FASHION, the Chinese and French edition of VOGUE, L'OFFICIEL, GRAZIA, the French FIGARO, GLAMOUR, NUMERO, PURPLE.FR, SELFSERRICE, the Chinese edition of BAZAAR, MARIE CLAIRE, FEMINA, MODERN WEEKLY, the Chinese edition of Tmagazine, and Chinese mainstream network media attended the party. Supermodel Liu Wen, DJ Leigh Lezark, famous French actress Josephine De La Baume, Tina Leung and many other famous people demonstrated a different kind of MO model, full of attitude. This delicateness mixed with street style spreads an unstoppable cool atmosphere over the country of romance. Everyone enjoyed the clash between relaxation and personality, which made the party become another highlight of the fashion week. 

This night gathered Chinese and foreign MO friends and was also the best testimony of MO&Co.'s first foreign show. MO&Co. adheres to the spirit of collecting popular art and culture, maintaining its unique individuality and wearability, and carrying about "Love Style Fun" to integrate its love of fashion into the design, demonstrating the unique charm of the strength of the new generation of design from China. Let's continue to look forward to MO&Co.'s next step of internationalization. 

「Blooming in Fantasy」
Future Orient Blooms in Paris MO&Co. Spring 2015 Paris

Being young is a fashion taste, which is also a new trend of the fashion world. Whether international brands with a long history, or new upcoming brands, both are introducing more distinctive, diversified and interesting designs and have discarded the past inanimate design. Everything looks fresh and joyful. In Spring 2015, the young and dynamic MO&Co. also set foot in Paris with the 2015 new spring selected series, to show the world the unique style of a new and refreshing Chinese brand.

"Blooming in Fantasy" is the theme of MO&Co.'s Spring 2015 collection. It combines slightly fantastic modern oriental elements with a simple French style, like a future oriental urban wardrobe blooming in Paris. It is novel, glowing, and full of imagination and lovable ambitions. The Spring 2015 collection follows the core concept style of MO&Co., including boy girl chic, which combines coolness with simplicity, delicateness with street style, and casualness with elegance; and street style, which is inspired by multiculturalism and lighted up by sporty elements, while also adding pop art and characteristic slogans, so as to impress people with rich and distinctive patterns. This is exactly like the development trend of today's fashion world, which changes from serious to romantic, from solemn to diversified, combining light industry, multi-culture and contemporary art, thus showing young, casual and unconstraint characteristics. This new collection reflects the humorous interest and slightly luxurious and cool feeling of fashion as well as the current and future experience and vision. MO&Co. wishes to express the attitude of loving style fun through rich element design, so as to make fashion become easy in style and young with love.

MO&Co.'s Pop Up Store opened during the Paris fashion show period from February 9 to March 2015, including a store of 40 square meters in the center of the 2nd floor of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris (head office) and a theme showcase in the "Hello Tomorrow" fashion week. The design of the concept store was filled with pink neon, cherry blossom patterns and other clashing elements. Through the theme of "hello tomorrow", MO&Co. looked towards the future, expressed its positive future expectation as a part of the Chinese fashion design industry, and implied a beautiful future of everyone. The good news is that MO&Co. Corner Store will soon open in the center of the 2nd floor of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris (head office) on March 9, which will be a great progress of internationalization. As the first Chinese fashion brand being invited to open at Galeries Lafayette, MO&Co. plans to gradually open exclusive shops in the first-tier  department stores in Paris and Europe after the 2015 Pop up store project. The official website www.mo-co.com of MO&Co. will provide a global marketing function and open a window to the world. We are in a micro era that blends old and new and ensures all countries coexist together. MO&Co. is keen to display a new lifestyle and dress attitude inspired by this new thinking. Tomorrow is full of infinite possibilities and MO&Co.'s dream of meeting the world is gradually being realized. This is a young, energetic, creative and courageous fashion era. We hope that any place in the world can feel the splendor and brilliance of the Chinese new generation design strength in the future.

【New Store】Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza

MO&Co. celebrated a grand opening in Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza with its store image of sixth generation. The store is designed with French simple style, decorating by classical embossment. An advance guard and subtle luxury sense is well presented. 

Add:MO&Co., No. 3055, 3/F, Hang Lung Plaza, 166 Xingan Road, Heping District, Tianjin

【New Store】Chonqing Mixc

MO&Co. celebrated a grand opening in Chonqing Mixc with its store image of sixth generation. The store is designed with French simple style, decorating by classical embossment. An advance guard and subtle luxury sense is well presented. 

Add:MO&Co., 3/F, The Mixc, 55 Xiejiawan Center Street, Jiulongpo District, Chonqing 

【New Store】Guiyang Modern Capital Square

Edition 10 has landed Guiyang Modern Capital Square with brand new image of second generation. Solid wood furnishings and marble texture highlight a modern, simple and neutral advance guard image. 

Add:Edition 10, 2/F, Modern Capital Square, 42 Shinan Road, Nanming District, Guiyang, Guizhou. 

【New Store】Hangzhou Wulin Intime ED

Edition 10 has landed Hangzhou Wulin Intime with brand new image of second generation. The store image continues the simple style of Edition 10 as always, combining fashion and space design perfectly. 

Add:Edition, 4/F, Wulin Intime, 530 Yanan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 

【New Store】Beijing Libao Plaza Store

MO&Co. is opened at Beijing Hualian Libao Shopping Center with the sixth generation image. The key tone is simple French style and embellished with classical embossment, delivering a vanguard and modest luxury sense. The entire collection of autumn is released in the store. The sharpness of stripes and lines, purity of classic black-and-white, modest luxury of Baroque style, those different elements will be decorations of your closet.

Address:F1-10, 1/F, Beijing Hualian Libao Shopping Center, Building No. 1, 8 Ronghua Middle Road, Daxing District, Beijing

【New Store】Edition 10 of Guangzhou Grandview Mall is opened!

Edition 10 is launched at Guangzhou Grandview with brand new image of the second generation, making the mall much more modern and gorgeous. It continues the consistent style of Edition 10. Fashion and space design are integrated perfectly. Solid wood decorations are embellished with marble texture, featuring a modern, simple and neutral vanguard image.

Address:ED Store, 1/F, Grandview Mall, 228 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

【New Store】Good news! High-end Edition Store is opened in Hefei!

MO&Co. edition is opened at Baohe Wanda Plaza in Hefei, delivering modern chic to the first large commercial shopping center in Hefei. 
This is the first composite store in Hefei region. It is decorated with band new style of the 6th generation. Fashion and space is perfectly integrated here. A modern and simple tone is continued. The store is decorated in classic European style, creating aesthetic and luxury atmosphere, which is full of design elements.
The new arrivals of spring-summer series are launched. Scarves patterns, pope hummingbirds, classic stripes and see-through gauze are integrating with each other, bringing strong visual impact to us. Come and pick one!

Add: MO&Co., 1/F, Wanda Plaza, 130 Maanshan Road, Baohe District, Hefei

【New Store】Open in Beijing Xidan Joycity!

MO&Co. is opened in Beijing Xidan Joycity with a brand new store image of the 6th generation. Fashion and space is perfectly integrated here. A modern and simple decoration style is continued. The store is decorated in classic European style, creating aesthetic and luxury atmosphere, which is full of design elements. 
The new arrivals of spring-summer series are launched. Scarves patterns, pope hummingbirds, classic stripes and see-through gauze are integrating with each other, bringing strong visual impact to us. Come and pick one!

Add: 3F-06, 3/F, Xidan Joycity, 131 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 
Tel: 010-59716955

【New Store】Beijing Glory City Store is upgraded!

MO&Co. shows up in Beijing Glory City with a brand new store image of the 6th generation. A modern, simple and neutral decoration style is continued, creating aesthetic and luxury atmosphere, which is full of design elements. The new arrivals of spring-summer series are launched. The crash between stripes and flowers, the mix-matches of cartoon and sports, and the funny high-street jeans are all waiting for you!

Add: MO&Co., 2/F, Glory City Shopping Center, Chongwenmenwai, Beijing
Tel: 010-67123513

【New_Store】Open grandly in Shanghai Jing’an Kerry Center!

MO&Co. shows up in Shanghai Jing’an Kerry Center with a brand new store image of the 6th generation. A modern, simple and neutral decoration style is continued, creating aesthetic and luxury atmosphere, which is full of design elements. The new arrivals of spring-summer series are launched. The crash between stripes and flowers, the mix-matches of cartoon and sports, and the funny high-street jeans are all waiting for you!

MO&Co., 3/F, Jing’an Kerry Center, 1515 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

【New Store】Good news! MO&Co. is opened at Shanghai Jinqiao International Plaza!

MO&Co. is opened at Shanghai Jinqiao International Plaza grandly. A modern, simple and neutral fashion style is continued. It’s decorated with simple French style. Neoclassic bossage is attached to pure white and gray to highlight avant-garde creation. An avant-garde modest luxury chic is well presented.
The new arrivals of spring-summer series are launched. Different series present different cool looks. Come and inject energy into your closet!

Address: MO&Co., 1F, Building 3, Jinqiao International Plaza, 3611 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

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