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MO_ART 2017

The MO art program just turned 7 in the year of 2016! For the last 7 years, MO art has dedicated itself to offering artistic education for toddlers and budding child artists. This year, our theme is “Just having fun!”, whose main objective is to guide children in exploring fun and games in their daily lives via artistic education. In August, we ran the [Mo art Xi’an Summer Camp]. Under the supervision and direction of art instructors, our campers embarked on a journey of artistic and creative discoveries. Along with interactive art courses, the children’s artistic potentials have been turned on to the max via our sessions on traditional Chinese cultures.

In September, in celebration of the new “back to school” season, 3,750 sets of [MO art drawing kit] have been delivered to children living in the impoverished region of Xinyi, Guangdong prince. In respecting the concept of “localised teaching” in the region’s education system, these art kits were available in two versions, one for the students and another for the teachers. Both kits were created on the basis of fundamental art concepts and drawing tools; the kits also offered a newly developed version of three art courses. The three courses operate on the themes of “the greater society”, “man and daily living” as well as “man and Mother Nature”, all of which encourage children to discover beauty in their daily living. Course curriculum and suggested syllabus were made available to the instructors with these kits, in an effort to help the rural art teachers understand and better use the art kit in their work.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Operating under this principle, MO art has always placed the act of training and educating rural art teachers at the program’s forefront. By delivering innovative programs aimed to inspire children to create art, MO art endeavors to help rural schoolchildren fully embrace artistic education in their academic curriculum. 2016 marks the fifth year in which the [MO art supports education] program is run. In the months of September and November, the team took the [MO art drawing kits] to Xinyi, Guangdong, for two supportive visits. Zhenxing Liang, an instructor from the E-Arts Innovation College led a team of young instructors, offering art lessons to children in the rural regions. These courses not only opened doors to the path of artistic education for the young students, they are also designed to provide more professional artistic training for local teachers, encouraging them to lead their students towards their dreams or goals in the field of arts.

In the future, we look forward to welcoming more young volunteers into our team, fostering conversations between rural and urban children. Sure enough, these friendships are bound to leave behind fond childhood memories. We also aim to encourage more young teachers and instructors join the MO art “Love Our Children” Foundation, and together offer more support to education in rural and under-developed regions.

Classics heritage MO_art

MO_art 2014 rural art education support

During Oct 13th to 17th, MO_ art Program which has five years art education support experience sited a ethnic minority school- Liannan Yao Autonomous County to do education support which lasts for a week. This time, MO_art made a valiant attempt by inviting senior “king of Singer" and "king of drum" of Yao village to teach the children personally. at the same time, MO_ art puts embroidery on curriculum schedule. At class, teacher of MO_ art takes out a lot of interesting patterns, enlightening students to do some innovation on that basis, rather than teaching them traditional cross pattern, diamond pattern and other complex patterns. In addition, during outdoor wall painting lesson, children print their own kisses onto the paper, then the teacher magnifies the lip prints onto the wall by lantern and stroke, letting children color. After 3 hours joint efforts, the 5-meter-long wall painting of "kiss of love" was completed. after class, children send their own lip prints to their favorite classmates、 teachers and volunteers,with the purpose of sharing and transfering love. The Charity Trip of MO_ art has already have 5 years of history. Five years of education support experience leading MO_ art to be more Professional and normative and it has become the most powerful Commonweal project. MO_ art follows the Educational Philosophy of "Teaching them to fish", providing Art Teaching Kit and technical support to asist the sustainable development of local art education to bring long-term benefits for more children。 Look forward to the next journey, start from the heart!

Enjoy art, love together

MO_ art 2014 art summer camp

During Midsummer of passion, from August 1st to 10th, the third solitary of MO_ art will start at Guangzhou again. MO_ art combined Orphan Education Society Guangdong and HOPE experimental art workshop to bring "learning through play" art classes to more than 50 orphans and underprivileged children. What's more, they added village teacher art training course. With past years of charity experience,MO_ art know very well the importance of "Teaching them to fish". This time, we have subsidized more than 50 art teacher from 15 elementary schools by launching a series of training course, imparting enlightenment-style and innovative teaching model to them, so that children will gain long-term benefits. In MO_ art summer camp, children were exposed to a rich mixture of art curriculum. Creations that broke the rules ,application of new art material and multimedia teaching broadened children s horizon, englightened art thought comprehensively, irritating them to speak out what they thought boldly and enjoy the freedom and pleasance of art.

Change, just for a closer step towards dream

MO_ art 2013 art education support

From the year of 2010 up to now, MO-art art journey of charity project of the year sponsored by MO& Co. has been going for 4 years, with their footprints widely across Kanchow 、 Xining、western mountainous area in Guangdong Province, brought children mirth and touched children's heart through innovative art lessons. With the Education Marketing Modeart education becoming more and more mature, Journey of MOart art has seted a new goal: continuable donation and education support. From Oct 14th to 18th of this year, Journey of MOart art continues cooperation with Guangdong Commonweal Compensating Orphans to Study Promotive Association (simply: orphan students assistance institute), It is launched at the poorest Xinyi in Guangdong Province. Providing more favorable condition for education development, schoolchild spiritual growth of poor area by functional classroom donating,giving art and music innovative lectures as well as communication between volunteer teacher and village teacher.  


At October 10the - the first day of MOart art education support, the flag-raising ceremony brings a lively scene. Mr Chen zhou and Mr Liang Zhenxing from HOPE experimental art workshop asksed children questions in an advice-taking way, so that the children were under the influence and leading of the idea of "there is no wrong originality and no opinion would be refused", they were no longer nervous and were eager to try. In addition there is a special lesson during Journey of MOart art of this year, it was not for teaching but for communication between volunteer teachers and rural art teachers. To continue the its curriculum concept and thoughts, Journey of MOart art provided a chance of communication and learning for art teachers from 12elementary schools of the town. At the same time, Mr Chen zhou who was born iin the countryside shared his growing experience and many years of art education experience from home and abroad, encourging village teacher to try cohortative art enlightening method to make the art class more colorful, active.


Dreams never end! Dream pursuing step will never stop, Journey of MOart art's effort is to making children closer to their dream. Art enlightening is a way to open children's mind, never stop happy art learning because of poverty, never stop looking for the beauty of life because of falling behind, never lose the chance of fulling your dream because of helplessness. Transfer endless hope with limited help.

Follow your dream, never stop

MO_ art 2013 art summer camp

Dreams never end! … one simple sentence contains endless meaning. it is the theme of 2013MO- art Program, also a creed to guid the progress of MO- art art education support. MO& Co. respond to the theme with a series of polka dot pattern designs, implieding everlasting love and dream by MO- art charity sale as well as annual art education support, gathering all the positive thoughts of caring people, and then tell the poor children : Please go on pursuing your dream! Dreams never end……」

2013, MO-art Program keep moving on. Since 2010, MO& Co. joined hands with Guangdong Commonweal Compensating Orphans to Study Promotive Association for the first time to found art charity project MO- art Program, in the later 3 years, they are always together with us on the way of creating dreams, and every year, they start from the very beginning and ponder over new plans, new location, new task to bring new dream and hope for children。 From July 28th to August 4th this year, the second MO- art children art summer camp was carried out, 40 children from Xinyi and Liannan of Guangdong Province left home and went to Beijing for the first time to start their "dream fulfilling journey".

Teachers from Hope experimental art workshop specially designed willful and bold art experience curriculum. Here, Children develop freely, releasing artistic potential everywhere--"little prince fantasticism" lesson, "laser molding"lesson aim to developing children's body language creativity,teaching them how to support others and how to get others' assistance, so that they will becom more confident and brave.

In consideration of children's dream, they added new theme to their 7-day MO - art education support journey: to fullfill children's dream. For 12-year-od Panfang, PLA uncles are his idols, he hope to see their handsomeness at the moment of raising the national flag. At 6 am, a volunteer brought him to Tiananmen gate to see the rising moment of the Five-Starred Red flag in the morning light, he felt very excited; 11-year-old Yixiang Tang lives together with his grandma and grandpa since he was very young, his grand parents has a wish that existed for half a century, that is to go to Beijing, but it didn't came true till his grandpa passed away. Bears the wish of these two old people, we prepares cameras for him. During these 7 days, he played the rold of little photographer, bring the best sceneries in Beijing along, there are Tiananmen gate, Bird's Nest, Hutong, Qinghua University... , these photos are the most precious gifts that he sent to his grandmother.

DreamMakertrip is a fantastic interlude of art education support, which means that although teaching time is short, but the art brings light to life, although dream is tiny, it lighted hope, letting them believe that any thing is possible as long as we make our efforts. MO-art Program is not onlyj art enlightener, but also creater and mediator of dream and hope. Dreams shall never end, let's create our dreams together with MO- art Program!

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